Dove hired a forensic artist to draw how women see themselves versus how others see them - the results are moving.


It’s time to go on an adventure.

I’m inwardly negative, she always acts positive
Opposites attract, so I have statements to retract.
I never meant to cause any chaos
But I suppose entropy will be the end of me.
I’ve seen too many shattered dreams
To pretend that I’m anywhere close to the end.
It’s really only just begun
I prefer her to the way things were.
A tough choice to watch her make
But it’s not mine so I’ll just pray we’ll be fine.
I know things are rough
But nothing worthwhile comes from an easy lifestyle.
I’m sorry things went wrong,
But now it’s about truth, making decisions beyond your youth.
I won’t press the matter
Just trust gravity. We’ll fall into place, you and me.

So this I’ll promise:
I’ll wait here for years, so dry up your tears
Put away your fears, they’ve no power here

There’s room yet to grow, and in my heart I know

To a degree I’m yours and you’re even mine
You’ll see what I mean, just give it time.

Mitten :)

"It’s quite a thing to see yourself as you truly are. Kinda shakes you up a bit."